Swan Creek Landscaping
Total Care

Total Care Maintenance Program

The idea behind our Total Care Program is simple. You have better things to do with your time than take care of your property. How many times have you spent your entire Saturday working on your yard and landscaping, and realize at the end of the weekend that you didn’t do anything that you really wanted to? Take back your weekends!

Our Total Care Program will take care of all of your landscape maintenance needs for the entire season. We will put together a custom program for you that will cover all of your needs.

We also offer a less comprehensive plan, our Basic Care Program.

To find out which program is right for your needs, contact us for a FREE consultation!

Our Total Care Program includes:

Spring Clean-up

Our spring cleaning brings your property out of hibernation and prepares it to look beautiful for the seasons to follow!

  • Hand spade edge all beds
  • Weed bed areas
  • Edge all paved areas
  • Rake and remove leaves, twigs, and debris
  • Inspect plants for disease, insects and winter damage
  • Prune damaged or dead plant material
  • Rake mulched areas to aerate and remove excess mulch build-ups
  • Apply a pre-emergent herbicide to prevent weed growth
  • Apply new mulch layer, keeping an approximately  3” mulch layer
  • Rake and smooth mulch in bed areas

Seasonal Color Displays

Adding seasonal color will enhance your landscaping by providing instant and varying colors during the growing seasons.  We use our expertise to select the right plants and decor for your property, providing interest all year long! 

  • Annual plants and flowers
  • Containers
  • Holiday décor
  • Fall flower bulbs
  • Ornamental fertilizer application
  • Dead-heading and pruning care


Mowing your lawn is one of the signatures of your whole property.  Our experts use some of the best mowing equipment and professionally maintain machines to perform at their best. We take extraordinary care to make your lawn look like the Orioles are about to play nine innings on it!

  • We Inspect the lawn area for damage, insect or diseases
  • Remove and debris or trash that is present in the lawn area
  • Return trash cans if left on the street
  • Mow the lawn, alternating the mowing pattern each week
  • String trim all lawn areas
  • Edge planting beds, sidewalks and driveways
  • Air sweep paved surfaces free of debris

Bed Maintenance

No one should have to spend all their spare time on their hands and knees pulling weeds.  So we take care of that too.  While performing the bed maintenance, we

  • Inspect plants for disease, insect and damage
  • Remove debris if present
  • Remove weeds in mulched areas

Irrigation Services

Proper care and preventative maintenance of your irrigation system prevents problems and costly repairs in the summer seasons when you need it the most. 

  • We will open system in spring
  • Adjust heads and inspect of leaks
  • Repair heads if needed
  • Adjust controller and timer
  • Periodic inspection for optimal performance


Our crews have been extensively trained with pruning techniques that enhance plant health.  We prune to achieve proper growth and branching habit, and encourage overall health and appearance of you plant material.

  • We prune plant material as needed
  • Shape or shear hedges as specified
  • prune to promote flowering

Water Feature Maintenance

  • We inspect pumps, filters and plumbing for damage or wear
  • Winterization

Disease and Pest Management

We make scheduled visits to your property to inspect plant material to maintain its optimal health. With our inspection process, we are actively looking for any signs of stress and damage due to pests, insects, diseases and fungus.  When problems arise, we determine a plan of action to best control the pest or disease.  Regular observations prevent extensive damage such as:

  • Eastern Tent Caterpillars
  • Euyonomous Scale
  • Leaf miners
  • Beetles
  • Spider Mites
  • Black rot
  • Downy mildew
  • Boxwood blight
  • Bagworms
  • Aphids
  • Bark Beetles

Turf Fertilization & Weed Control

Our lawn care program consists of a six step process that keeps your lawn healthy and happy throughout the entire season.  Each step includes timely feedings of balanced fertilizers, crabgrass and broadleaf weed prevention as well as dandelion and weed control.

March thru April- An application of complete balanced fertilizer with pre-emergent crabgrass and weed control.  The pre-emergent application keeps weed seeds that have blown into your turf from germinating and thus suppressing weed growth.

Early May thru June- An application of complete balanced fertilizer with pre-emergent crabgrass control, including broadleaf weed control.  This is done to give the turf a boost as temperatures start to rise and prevent the unsightly weed growth that follows

June thru August- We apply a complete balanced fertilization to assist the turf when it is being stressed the most from the summer climate.  We inspect the turf areas for stress, mechanical damage, insect damage, diseases and fungus.  We also spot treat any broadleaf weeds that are present.

August thru October- A complete balanced fertilization to help rejuvenate the turf and build strength for the upcoming winter months. We again inspect the turf area and spot treat any broadleaf weeds that are present

October thru November- An application of winter feeding fertilizer that promotes root development and stronger turf grasses.  This allows your lawn to stay green and beautiful longer into the winter season and promote a faster green up in the spring.

November thru December- We finish our program with an application of lime to balance the pH of the turf areas.  This promotes healthier lawns and reinstates the nutrients and minerals in the soil that may have been depleted in the growing season

Additional Turf Applications

Grub and surface insect treatment- Grubs can be especially devastating to a healthy lawn.  They hibernate deep in the soil in winter months and come back to life in the spring.  When they emerge, they eat the healthy root systems of your lawn causing serious damage to the turf throughout the season.  We provide a treatment that eliminates the grubs before they are able to bury deep into the soil and cause damage the following season

Core Aeration and Over-seeding

Aerating is a very important step in the overall health of your lawn.  It helps encourage water and nutrients to enter the soil and root zone of the turf.  Aeration also loosens compacted soil and allowing air to enter, giving the root zone more area to grow.  Over seeding during this process allows the new grass seed to make better contact with the soil and establish faster and healthier before frozen temperatures arrive.

  • Core Aeration of turf areas in two perpendicular directions for complete coverage
  • Over-seed turf with a proper amount and seed mixture similar to the existing lawn 

Fall Clean-up

Unfortunately, every great landscape has to take a break for the winter.  We prepare your property for the off season and make it look its best throughout the winter:

  • Clean and removing all debris in bed and lawn areas
  • Remove annuals after blooming
  • Weed  mulched areas
  • Prune  perennials
  • Turning mulch if needed
  • Apply winter fertilizer in bed areas
  • Clean out window wells
  • Drain and remove hose
  • Clean gutters from debris
  • Rake and remove leaves
  • Remove and store pots