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Landscape Maintenance In Maryland During Hot, Humid Summers

Landscape maintenance that keeps landscapes and gardens in top shape is dependent on the season. Maintenance tasks are different in colder months than they are in hotter months. In warmer, humid areas like Maryland, with it being hotter than ever, landscape maintenance requires more hands-on work and background knowledge. With this in mind, we at Swan Creek have prepared some useful tips and advice for landscaping properties, whether big or small, during the hottest season.

Create Shaded Areas For Sensitive Plants

Shade, as we all know, is needed when the sun is out, and the rays are beaming. Plants are no different to humans and also are sensitive to sunlight and heat. Providing adequate shade for sensitive plants is essential to keep them alive and growing. For landscapes which do not provide much shade, planting sensitive plants in pots makes it easy to move them to shady spots. For landscapes with no shade, a fabric umbrella or makeshift barrier of some sort will provide those heat-struggling plants with shade and a way for the sun to be blocked out.

Bring On The Mulch

For those looking for healthiest and most beautiful landscapes summer round, add mulch. A fantastic tool to keep all your plants moist, a couple of inches placed on the beds and around tree bases will keep high temperatures of the lower soil low and moisture level high.

Hot Summer Months Require The Right Water Timing

Any good landscaper, gardener or person with a green thumb worth their salt will know the importance of watering, and the appropriate timing. Watering your landscape and ensuring it is maintained in this respect properly, means you should never water your plants or grass during the day, nor at night. Watering your landscape at night is not advised as water-soaked and soggy plants sitting in the dark can develop a whole host of problems like diseases and fungi. Instead, water your landscape, flowers and grass early in the morning which allow enough time, before the hot sun hits, for moisture to penetrate the soil and adequately soak into the roots. Watering during the day results in water wastage and doesn’t promote summer plant and grass health.

Leave It To The Landscaping Leaders

Landscape maintenance in Maryland is an art and to ensure your landscaped areas and gardens are pristine, healthy and flourishing all summer long, it’s always best to call in the landscaping leaders. The Swan Creek team is your go-to landscaping professional team, and we offer a wide range of landscape services all year round. So contact us today!