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How To Improve Your Maryland Property Value With Landscape Design

A recent study in the United Kingdom showed that gardens increased property value up to 77%. That is exceptionally high. Here in the USA, the majority of property buyers are more pragmatic. If the garden is 1000’s of square feet and is elaborately showy your average Joe will not want to buy such a high maintenance garden.  If that same home is in the top 5% of home values then that type of buyer will not be put off by this as they will likely have a gardening crew. What should you be doing?

What Is Appropriate For Your Property

Each property will have its unique garden needs (excluding the owner’s vision for this objective evaluation).  If you are not trying to win Flower Show awards then you garden should be low maintenance, environmentally friendly (attract birds, bees and don’t use pesticides) and facilitate outdoor entertainment (e.g. a deck or patio).

The first most crucial area is the curbside.  If your curbside is not attractive, you have a 50% chance of buyers driving by. It says: I don’t care about my curb, I may not have cared about the house. Low maintenance, neat curb is essential.

If the buyers have stepped onto your property and see a patch of sand or a wild, unruly jungle at the back (or front) your property value will plummet as well. The key is to find a balance between garden attractiveness, usefulness and maintenance.

Your Green Thumb Is More Brown Than Green

If you are not delighted by gardening and don’t want to hire a garden services company every two weeks, you still have options. Now, it doesn’t mean you install a concrete paved desert outside that will heat up your house like a radiation oven. Consider the combination of a deck and pergola for outdoor entertainment, add pavers with monk grass in between them for the balance of the area and pots with water-wise plants in them and a minor sprinkler system on a time.  There are some stunning designs that can be achieved with this combination.

If you need some top advice on how to achieve the best garden for your home, your not so green thumb and your budget call us today and our Maryland Landscape Design team will listen, deliver and delight.